Bio Ionic Graphene technology visualization

Graphene MX: The Healthiest Way to Style Your Hair

Available for the first time in styling tools, Graphene, the strongest, most efficient ion mobilizer on the planet, will transform the way you style your hair. A Nobel prize winning technology, Graphene is 100x stronger than steel and conducts heat 10x better than copper or steel. This revolutionary material amplifies the performance of our proprietary mineral complex and ensures consistent, even heat from root to tip. Our Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat, enhanced with Graphene MX, leaves hair looking and feeling more moisturized* and delivers healthier, shinier styles with up to 68% less breakage**.


Volcanic MX: High Shine and High Performance

Bio Ionic 10X Luxe Pro Styling Tools

Volcanic MX delivers high shine and high performance no matter what your choice style is. Natural Volcanic Rock combined with our proprietary mineral complex creates a moisturizing heat that protects moisture, quickly seals the cuticle and speeds up the styling process. Creating gorgeous, highly polished style in under 10mins. And leaving hair softer, shiner, and more moisturized, the way nature intended.


NanoIonic MX: Deep Conditioning While You Style

Bio Ionic 10X ElitePro Flat Iron

NanoIonic MX micronizes water molecules to penetrate moisture deeper into the hair for a more conditioned, smoother style. This superior level of conditioning keeps strands hydrated and leaves hair looking and feeling irresistibly silky and smooth.


Gold MX: Professional Results

Bio Ionic Gold ProStyling Tools

Ensures even heat distribution while you style for enhanced styling power. Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat™, infused with 24K Gold MX, conditions hair while you style, locking in moisture and smoothing the cuticle. Giving you the professional power you need, while protecting the health of your hair. This collection of essential styling tools allows you to effortlessly create radiant, healthy styles just like a PRO.

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