Bouncy Curls

Bouncy Curls

How to: Bouncy Curls

Whether you're heading out to an event or seeking a new signature look, big bouncy curls are a statement worth making. Although this hairstyle takes plenty of practice and a little prep, it's awesome once you know what you're doing.

Even the direction you rotate the curling iron can change the entire look. Discover top tips for curling thick and fine hair, choosing the right tools and a step-by-step guide on how to curl your hair.

Tools You'll Need for Bouncy Curls

You'll need the following tools to get bouncy curls:

Voluminous, glossy curls look sexy and sassy on any hair color, length and texture. Styling bouncy curls that are set just right is an art form, and it might take you a while to get them just right. Once you do, you can pull the look out of your bag for any occasion, day or night.

Step 1: Dry and Section Hair

Twist and clip each section close to the root to ensure curls set separately. Work from the back to the front.

Pro Tip: Know Your Hair Type

Knowing your hair type and which products work best is vital for styling curls that last.

People with fine hair should prioritize volume, and this begins before you've switched your curling iron on. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to add bounce, then spritz the High Speed Blow Dry Primer on damp hair.

When blow-drying, turn your head upside down and use your fingers to comb through until dry. You can finish curling your hair the same or next day.

Styling thicker hair requires a different approach. Instead of volume, people with thick hair should use smoothing products that add shine. A serum or cream like the Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream helps add a glossy polished finished look.

Pro Tip: Prepare and Protect Hair

People with thick and thin hair must take steps to protect and prepare their locks for curling. Consider using the Ultra Moisturizing Styling Primer to soften strands and hydrate it from within so it's defended against heat and environmental damage.

Minimizing the amount of harmful chemicals you use on your hair is important for getting the best possible curls. Likewise, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables helps promote hair health. Taking preventative steps is arguably the best way to protect your hair and keep it looking lustrous.

Aim to set aside time each week or month for a deep conditioning treatment, depending on your hair type. Remember, the more hydrated and healthy your hair, the better your finished curls will look.

Bouncy Curls Step 1

Step 2: Curl Away From Your Face

Wind hair up the iron, curling away from your face until you reach about two inches from your roots.

Note: Rotating the iron toward the face creates a curl formation that faces inward.

Pro Tip: Curling Iron Material

Not every curling iron is created equal. Our Graphene MX Curling Iron is powered by Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat™ Technology with a mineral complex that leaves hair looking and feeling more moisturized.

It conducts heat 10 times better than steel or copper and delivers stunning styles, with up to 68% less breakage. When it comes to maintaining hair health, the Graphene MX is in a league of its own.

Bouncy Curls Step 2

Step 3: Distribute Heat Evenly

Continue working in this order for each curl and spread hair evenly across the curling iron for defined, lasting curls.

Pro Tip: Use the Correct Temperature

Always use a curling iron that lets you adjust the temperature, as each hair type requires a different level of heat to minimize damage:

  • Fine hair: 250-275° Fahrenheit
  • Medium hair: 300-330° Fahrenheit
  • Thick hair: 300-385° Fahrenheit

If you have damaged hair, avoid using the higher settings no matter your hair type to prevent further harm.

Bouncy Curls Step 3

Step 4: Clip Curls to Set

Clip curls immediately after heat styling. Once all hair is curled and pinned, allow it to cool. Leave for at least 15 minutes and consider setting with a finishing spray. Finally, unfasten the curls and use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to add texture and loosen them to your desired finish.

Pro Tip: Keep It Clean

Just as you clean makeup brushes and sponges after each use, you should clean your curling iron. This is important to prevent hair care products from building up on the surface. Not only could this residue damage your tool over time, it could prevent the barrel from heating your hair evenly. All you need to do to clean them is wipe them down with a damp clean cloth after each style.

Bouncy Curls Step 4

Voilà! Now you can wow with your gorgeous, big bouncy curls. Looking for more inspiration? We've got more great looks for you to try here.

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